Support Policy

We provide free technical support to both evaluators and customers. If you require support or have any questions, please create a customer support ticket.

You must be on the latest version and build to receive technical support.

See the Download page for the latest version and build.

  • Stop the product.
  • Install the latest build into your existing installation folder.
  • Start product.
  • Reapply your license key.
  • Stop/Start product.

When needed,  we offer remote support via TeamViewer ( With remote support issues are usually solved in less than 10 minutes. If required, we will respond to your support ticket with installation instructions.

Create Customer Support Ticket


Setup Guide

Although eXchange POP3 has a Wizard for helping you setup the product, we also provide a Setup Guide which explains the steps necessary to get eXchange POP3 installed and configured.

eXchange POP3 Setup Guide (Version 6.0)


Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ for the latest tips on using eXchange POP3.