FREE 30 Day Trial

Download the full-featured version of eXchange POP3 6.0 and try it free for 30 days. All features are fully enabled for the duration of the trial.

Free technical support. Please create a customer support ticket if have any questions.


NOTE: If you experience an error installing stating that the program is not a Win32 program, then please use this build instead:


After you download the installation program (exchange-pop3-setup.exe) right click it and select “Run As Administrator”.

The first time you run eXchange POP3 you may get a firewall warning. Click Allow Access.


We currently have a patch for TLS 1.2 support.

Stop the product (in task manager kill all kmain.exe and kadmin.exe processes)


In the installation folder, rename kmain.exe to kmain.old

Unzip the downloaded file and copy its contents (all three files) into the installation folder.

Restart the product

If it complains that msvcr120d.dll missing or if it doesn’t run properly then install this:

Please select the x86 version when prompted.

Setup Guide

Although eXchange POP3 has a Wizard for helping you setup the product, we also provide a Setup Guide that explains the steps necessary to get eXchange POP3 installed and configured.

eXchange POP3 Setup Guide Version 6.0

Version or Build Upgrades

To upgrade an existing installation follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest Version and build using the download button above.
  2. Stop the currently running installation.
  3. Run the downloaded install program (as administrator) and when asked for the installation folder¬†choose your existing installation’s folder.
  4. The setup program will update the code without affecting your settings.

System Requirements

  • supports ALL versions of Microsoft Exchange Server
  • computer running Windows Workstation version 98 or greater or any Windows Server version 2000 or greater (including Small Business Server)
  • 20 GB disk space
  • can be installed on Exchange Server computer or another computer in your network