No Limits

Unlimited Internet Mailboxes, Unlimited Exchange Users, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited ISPs

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

Advanced graphical user interface allows you to quickly and easily control, monitor and configure eXchange POP3 in real-time.

Easy to Setup

Quick and easy setup with eXchange POP3’s Configuration Wizard. Just answer a few simple questions and the Wizard will do the rest.

Free 24/7 Support

Free technical support to both evaluators and customers.

FREE 30 Day Trial

All features are fully enabled for the duration of the trial.


Why Choose eXchange POP3?

  • supports GMail accounts
  • supports encrypted SSL connections
  • supports POP3 and IMAP accounts
  • supports SMTP authentication when sending to Internet
  • supports single and multiple user POP3/IMAP accounts
  • free technical support
  • runs on Exchange Server or another computer in network
  • unlimited POP3/IMAP accounts
  • unlimited ISPs
  • unlimited domains
  • unlimited exchange users
  • rules engine gives you complete control over message flow
  • anti-virus scanners supported
  • real-time configuration, control and monitoring
  • anti-spam
  • track and obtain detail history on all messages processed
  • real-time connection status
  • folders for archiving messages based on rules or virus detection
  • configuration wizard
  • Active Directory support ensures messages are delivered to the proper recipients
  • optionally leaves copy of messages on ISP
  • works with all versions of Exchange Server (now and in the future)